Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fabric Dilemma!

Help! I bought a pair of Bergere chairs at an auction and I can't decide what to fabric to use!

For a little background...
My couch is aqua, like this one

I love the navy aqua color combo but I wanted something bright and bold to make these chairs look more modern. I saw this chair on pinterest and fell in love with the orange zebra fabric.

After weeks of hunting I finally found out that the fabric is called Expedition, but I haven't been able to find it in the tangerine color-way. I have found it in poppy (red) and indigo (navy) though....and that begins my fabric dilemma!

OPTION 1: Using the navy zebra fabric on the Bergere chairs and brining the tangerine in as an accent in the room. 
PROS: I LOVE this color scheme, if you could't tell from Haymarket Designs' website!

CONS: The navy looks really dark and I'm afraid it won't be the fun, bright fabric I envisioned for the chairs to begin with. Here it is on another chair and it almost looks black!

Using the poppy zebra fabric on the Bergere chairs and having navy as an accent.

PROS: This is the closest to the tangerine color-way that I fell in love with initially.
CONS: Its very red in person and I'm afraid it doesn't look the best with my aqua couch.

The wild card. Yellow ikat on the Bergere chairs and navy accents.

I found the ikat by Duralee in one of my many fabric hunts. I had ruled it out until I saw a picture of it on a chair yesterday...

PROS: I love the bright color and the big pattern
CONS: My high school colors were green and yellow and I always stray away from green and yellow color combos. 

So there you have it...I'm thoroughly confused! Please give me any thoughts, opinions or other options you have! 

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