Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish List Wednesday... Pair of X-Benches

The second item(s) on my wish list is a pair of X Benches. They seem to be in every room I see
these days, but maybe that's just because I really want a pair of my own!  From the bedroom,
to the living or front hall, they fit in perfectly everywhere!




I love Jonathan Adler's X Benches but they are a little of out my price range at $500 a pop.


Jonathan Adler X Bench, starting at $495 each

Serena & Lily has some beautiful ones with contrasting pipping but they are even more expensive!


Serena and Lily Parker X Bench $650 each

I've been searching my usual internet haunts for a pair to reupholster but haven't found any great deals.

Vintage X Benches from Circa Who, $950 for the pair

There is good news though! I recently stumbled upon these very reasonably priced X benches at one of my favorite stores, Ballard Designs! You can choose from over 50 fabrics and prices start at $179 for white!

ballard designs x benches
Ballard Designs X Bench, $179 to $369

 Now I'm just being extra greedy and waiting for them to have a sale/coupon to buy my pair!


  1. I'm so right there with you with the x benches, I have been lusting over them for awhile! Whenever I stepped into the Jonathan Adler store I would just stare and admire them! And then you just showed me the Serena and Lily with the contrasted piping-love them! But like you, I will probably be purchasing mine from Ballard :)

  2. I like those! Especially the ones in front of the bedroom! Also, I couldn't be more excited to have won your giveaway from Monograms and Manicures!


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