Monday, March 7, 2011

Bamboo Chippendale Chairs

I have been OBSESSED with the Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs for a looong time. I drool over Jonathan Adler's pricey $650 chairs and day dream about my own (much cheaper) pair.

Well after a year and half of eBay, craigslist, etsy, and antique show searching, I've finally found the perfect pair!!

I scored these on eBay and they are en route to me as we speak! I'm not sure what color I will go with yet but here are some of my favorite inspirations. What do you think?

(Jonathan Adler)

(Honey + Fitz)


  1. Your chair looks fabulous!! And what beautiful curtains - but you and I clearly have a shared love of orange!!

  2. How about the seafoam color you use in your Chevron pattern? Beautiful chairs!

  3. Well done!!you must be so pleased to be the proud owner-I've been looking on eBay in Australia for 2 years!I love your blog & your shop! LovT

  4. bamboo Chippendale chairs are a fav for me also-
    I'm planning on white lacquering my dining chairs and covering the seats with either yellow or kelly green velvet-your picture of the Chippendale chair w/ the yellow has inspired me to go that direction. Love your blog!

  5. your products, I have interior design store and may just need to have some Haymarket Design products in there! Tanya, Style Studio

  6. preppy shopaholic, that seafoam color is one of my favorites! my whole house would be that color if I had my way!

    Tina, hope you get lucky soon with some chairs! I got outbid today with 9 seconds on a beautiful set of 4 :( still sad about it

    Style Studio, Thanks for stopping by. I just saw your blog and i love it! I'm a new follower:) I'd love it if you sold some Haymarket products in your store! Email me if your interested


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