Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Craziness

Unless you've been living on the rock you know that tomorrow Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married in the wedding of the decade!! I'll be up at 6am to watch before work and then I'm heading to Royal Wedding Watching Party after work. I know that many of my friends and coworkers are excited about the wedding, but I'm still amazed at the hype/publicity surrounding the nuptials. From T-Mobile's hilariously choreographed Royal Wedding Spoof...

to Pappa Johns's Kate and Will Pizza it seems like everyone is getting in on the big day.

A recent report said there were over 400,000 eBay auctions related to Royal wedding souvenirs and paraphernalia! So what are all these people selling?

Here is some of my favorite wacky Will and Kate paraphernalia I've seen...

Royal Wedding Refrigerator ( I wonder how many of these they have sold??)

Royal Bedding, Premier Inn

Will and Kate Tea Bags, Pylones

Limited Edition William and Catherine Pez Dispensers

Crown Jewels Condoms

And some of my favorite more tasteful souvenirs...

Royal Wedding Cookie Assortment, Eleni's

Kate Loves Willy Tea Towel 

Royal Wedding Pillow, Jan Constantine

Royal Wedding Mug, Jan Constantine

Processional Map, House that Lars Built 

Kate's Ring Tote, House that Lars Built

Can't wait to till tomorrow!! Cherrio!

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